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Welcome to ServiceMaster Of Central Vancouver

With over 50 years of experience, ServiceMaster Clean is an industry leader and one of Canada’s leading commercial cleaning companies.  

ServiceMaster Clean of Central Vancouver has been proudly serving the Vancouver area for more than 20 years.  We offers commercial specialty cleaning services such as Programmed Carpet Care, Fabric and Upholstery Care, Hard Surface Floor Maintenance and Tile & Grout Restoration programs.

In our commitment to doing business the right way and turning ordinary tasks into extraordinary service, ServiceMaster Clean of Central Vancouver offers environmentally conscious, green cleaning options. Our exclusive line of "GREEN FOR®" cleaning products are certified by some of the leading independent environmental agencies.

For more information on our green cleaning initiatives, click here.

About Us

ServiceMaster Clean of Central Vancouver prides itself on delivering outstanding commercial specialty cleaning services to our customers.  We listen to your unique needs and provide the cleaning services and scheduling that works best for your business. We believe in creating healthier w

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Something to be said about longevity
Something to be said about longevity

ServiceMaster Clean was honoured with a most prestigious Award at the IFMA Toronto Chapter Silent Auction and Gala. We were


Green Cleaning

green cleaning

Environmental Stewardship is one of our principles. ServiceMaster Clean has always been dedicated to environmental stewardship and to doing business the right way; we have spent years developing green cleaning technologies and methods as effective as traditional cleaning. Gentle

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Tell ServiceMaster

ServiceMaster Clean

the team in our buildings does great work, they have a schedule and keep to it, and they follow up with me. They also have consistent, competitive pricing.


Yootha Mondiwa

Very professional company to deal with.


regular service and they respond promptly to emergency requests.


Every service we receive from Service Master goes beyond expectations.


Organized - coordinated scheduling and thorough.

Sky Andrews

Organized & trustworthy. Noel Keith is a pleasure to deal with.


The attention to detail and the high level of service provided by ServiceMaster.


Great Reps that effectivly communicated with the cleaning staff. they are flexible with dates as well. They always send reminders/confimation emails and follow up emails which is so helpful. the cleaning staff are through and nice.

Morgan Nicholsfigueiredo

Everything. THanks. Good work.


Service is organized, prompt and always done well.


Service is fantastic


We like the consistency of the visits and the clear communication. We always know if an appointment needs to be rescheduled and when an appointment has been completed. Overall our communication with ServiceMaster has been professional. Occasionally we have struggled to understand the difference between carpet care and carpet cleaning. But this is an issue on our end as well.


Your prompt attention to unscheduled cleanings


the team in our buildings does great work, they have a schedule and keep to it, and they follow up with me. They also have consistent, competitive pricing.


ServiceMaster provides me with a Professional Service experience. They are specialized in cleaning Carpets and Chairs. Since using the ServiceMaster to have the Carpets cleaning there was a visable reduction of dust in our office. My concern was that when the chairs were cleaned that they may be ruined but ServiceMaster did a professional job and the chairs always come out looking like new. My cleaning schedule is required every 6 months and the best part is that they contact me when it is time for the next cleaning so that I don't have to keep track. My first impression when meeting the workers was that they were dressed professionally as well.


Commitment , reliability. Technicians doing good job. Excellent supervisor’s care.

Linda Green

Our carpet cleaning is completed efficiently, during non working hours, all staining is addressed and removed; the carpets look fresh and new after every clean.


What I've always appreciated the most is the hands on approach from the various business reps and the office personell that follow up after the service has been completed. The follow up is always within one or two business days after the service.