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About ServiceMaster Of Central Vancouver


ServiceMaster Clean of Central Vancouver prides itself on delivering outstanding commercial specialty cleaning services to our customers.  We listen to your unique needs and provide the cleaning services and scheduling that works best for your business.

We believe in creating healthier workplaces by providing programmed carpet care as well as performing regular workstation cleaning.  Our green cleaning products and procedures improve indoor air quality while keeping your office looking its best. 

Our Vision

To be a rapidly growing, best-in-class, commercial cleaning service provider.

Our Eight Corporate Values

We Delight Customers
We help customers take pride, comfort and satisfaction in their business properties. When they call on us, the job gets done. If we fall short, we work equally hard to make it right. We listen and respond to each customer as an individual and build personal relationships. These relationships transform customers to clients.

We Do The Right Thing
Each of us knows the difference between right and wrong. Through the choices we make every day on the job, we show a heartfelt concern for the needs of others. We do an honest day’s work. We tell the truth. We obey the law. We don’t cut corners, even if it puts us at a competitive disadvantage. We use our talents and technologies in a responsible way.

We Care About People
Creating a positive work environment begins with building meaningful relationships. We value and respect the concerns and feelings of others. This compassion translates into behaviors that communicate empathy toward others, respect for the individual and appreciation of diversity among associates.

We Value Teamwork
We love to compete. We love to win. We count on each person to contribute to the success of the team. We challenge and encourage each other. We don’t let our teammates down.

We Do What We Say
When we make a promise, we keep it. Our promises provide a link of trust to our customers and to each other. We honor and respect ourselves and others when we do all in our power to meet our commitments.

We Value Diversity
Working with associates from diverse backgrounds improves our thinking, makes us more creative and allows us to better achieve our collective goals for our associates and our customers. Diversity is every way that we reflect and share our unique perspectives. Guided by our corporate values, we believe diversity and inclusion allow us the best possible chance to succeed both individually and as a company. Embracing a diverse work environment is key to how we treat our associates, customers, and suppliers.

We Are A Learning Organization
To survive and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. We encourage and support continuous learning, critical thinking and risk taking. We value associate contributions. We build and share talent across the enterprise. We learn from our mistakes and incorporate this learning into our day-to-day activities.

We Are Committed To Innovation
We continually look for creative opportunities . We recognize that innovation requires more than new ideas, and we take action. We are willing to take risks associated with being the industry leader. We lead, never follow.


Canadian Contribution

Over the years, Canada has made several contributions to ServiceMaster Clean operations internationally. A program initially known as Spotlight was launched in 1973 and is the father of modern carpet care maintenance methods. It consisted primarily of the concept of spot cleaning, complemented by less frequent deeper cleaning procedures.

Additionally, Canada pioneered the sale of franchises by service line. This concept promoted greater expertise and knowledge in each service line.

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